CU Certified is the first program to give back 100% of the underwriting profit of vehicle service contracts to the participating credit union. Did you know these programs have been in existence for thirty years? We take the underwriting profit from the agents and administrators and deposit it where it belongs, into your credit union membership.

Many credit unions already offer vehicle service contracts to their members. CU Certified offers credit unions both sides of the financial transaction. Our partnered credit unions would tell you it is the best non-interest income idea they have ever enjoyed. How many organizations search every day for organic opportunities for growth. Hi there, we are CU Certified, it’s nice to meet you!

We know you would not walk around in public with a bag cell phone, would you? CU Certified is the evolution of the credit union vehicle service contract. We are giving you permission to unlock the underwriting profits being kept from you in your vehicle service contract sales. In most cases, the underwriting profit is hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions over a five year period, depending on your membership size.

Find out how CU Certified can supercharge your non-interest income potential with a free pro forma!

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